Tips for Maintaining the Vertical Blinds in Your Home


If a home is equipped with vertical blinds on its doors and windows, they can become increasingly difficult keep looking their best as they age. There are two most common problem scenarios that can occur with vertical blinds.These are damage to the actual blinds themselves or if the blinds are working correctly the track may have begun to deteriorate. Read on for some tips on maintaining your home’s vertical blinds and how you can make them look good and work well for years to come.

Carefully Clean the Headrail

Start by cleaning the headrail with a damp cloth or a feather duster. Lubrication of the mechanism will be largely ineffective if the blinds’ components are filled with dust and dirt. Wipe the cloth or duster along the track on the headrail, and slide the blinds to each side for a thorough clean. Do not use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach to clean these areas.

Start the Lubrication Process

Next, insert the thin straw that comes with the can of silicone lubricant. Apply a light dusting of silicone along the entire track, ensuring that all the track’s gears are covered. Use a short, quick spray pattern rather than an extended one to reduce the amount of silicone applied to the headrail.

Lubricate the Inner Portion of the Headrail

Now, apply the silicone lubricant to the headrail’s inner portion if there’s access to the area. Avoid removal of the tracking system, as it’s difficult to reinstall without professional help. Wipe the excess silicone from the headrail and the blinds with soapy water and a clean cloth, and repeat the above steps if the blinds still do not work correctly.

Avoid Excessive Spraying

Be careful not to overspray the hardware and track with the silicone lubricant, as it can cause an unsightly residue on nearby walls. Use painter’s masking tape to affix plastic sheeting to the wall, preventing overspray.

Replace Non-Working Components

If any of the clips attaching the blinds to the track are broken or damaged, replace them. Most of these clips are made of cardboard, plastic, or metal, and vertical blind spare parts can be bought from the manufacturer of the blinds or from a home improvement store.

The above tips can help a householder with vertical blind cleaning in Auckland. However, if the scope of the job exceeds the customer’s knowledge, they should call Blind Experts or visit for professional blind cleaning and window blind repair parts and services in Auckland and the surrounding area.


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